15 Minutes

Posted by admin on March 6, 2011

Welcome to the MarketStretch Blog called 15 Minutes!  Most of my blog ideas come during meditation, walking, or other inspirational moments.  They are often in response to something I have read, seen or heard but the inspiration seems to come later.  Sometimes, it is instantaneous.  Thanks to Kathleen Deyo, a psychic I met while at a Singles event, I now record my thoughts on my Blackberry Curve.  Hakone_Japanese_GardensSometimes, the blogs will be accompanied by an audio MP3 file so if you want to hear them, just let me know and I will send it to you.  You might notice the blogs come in spurts as opposed to a daily blog, and that is due to the inspiration or lack there of.  Plus, I have a habit of being lazy.  Often times, the audio files or files in my head just sit there waiting for me to type them out.  They say starting is the hardest part!  Also, they usually aren't longer than 15 minutes and usually un-edited except for basic grammar and spelling.  To read more about the importance of 15 minutes, visit this blog entry!

You might think I am being hard on myself or that it is depressing to read them.  A friend of mine said that about some of my entries in my first blog on WeBrtidge.  Check out the blog here.  I definitely am not trying to be hard on myself and hope it doesn't depress you to read them.  Another advisor of mine suggested I might do an auto-biography of how my training has helped me with the hope it might help others.  First and foremost, I do it because it is a form of "playing" for me.  I have journaled for a long time, but more and more, I would like to share some of my process with the hope it helps me.  It is often easier for me to first talk into a voice recorder and then type in my thoughts.  If that inspires others to get excited about healing and growing through business, that is great!

People often ask me what I do.  They don't get a clear picture of who I am, which now isn't totally surprising.  I will go into more detail in a blog, but people seem to be a bit confused, even after I tell them what I do.  Or they don't seem to think they need or want the help.  It also seems that most people will let their businesses fail before receiving help.  Individuals are more likely to ask for personal help than ask for help with their business.  Well, my blogs give a clearer picture of who I am and what I do.  Still, the old adage that you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink is true about what I do.  People still have to investigate a bit and show some curiosity about how I might help them.  Family members, who I have worked for many years, are often confused.  But since they know and trust me, there is more of a likelihood to utilize my services.  Still, people I work with could possibly gain something from reading my blogs.  My blogs are the water, but you have to drink them, so to speak.  I think the rest of my site might be the container for the water.

Hopefully, you will learn more about me and gain some trust.  By learning more about you, I will gain trust as well.  I once heard the great Producer/Director/sometime Actor Sidney Pollack comment that making a film is a long process and wanted to make sure he wanted to jump in bed  with the actors and actresses he was going to work with, meaning he wanted to make sure he liked and respected them as human beings and professionals before committing to work with them for an extended period of time.  Well, I look at the special projects I do with clients like a film production.  I want to make sure there is trust and respect there since it can be long haul.  Plus, I hope to give everyone involved including myself the best possible chance of winning.

Feel free to leave comments or ask questions.  If there is something you would like me to blog on, request that as well.  I hope you enjoy them!