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Posted by admin on March 17, 2011


(as first recorded on Aug 13, 2010)

Introduction: So this is my plan as far as presenting on Tuesday.  I have 15 minutes and I am going to basically tell them what I do: I am a PM and my biz is  I do freelancing and consulting for businesses.  I am unique in that I do a bit of both: strattle the fence.  The results are often: increasing motivation, making less mistakes, unique sales and marketing training, helpful research.  I help businesses and institutions and agencies improve the utilization of their resources – I won’t replace their current resources but help them improve their current resources, etc.  I can go into that further in the future.  Some of the things I do include PM around online learning, course development; some of the work I do myself, some I outsource such as instructional design, coding, plus I can do some training at the end as well.  In addition, I evangelize different companies and their products and services and these are the companies I am representing today.

Fuel, catalyst combustion, Cisco training and equipment sales, large LED touch screen technology and software, Raw food, a concept which could be the next Fast Food craze, think healthy fast food - Chipotle, but in a cone; and the list goes on.

The Dalai Lama and China:

This is what I will be presenting.  The advantage is you can come to me for different products, regionally, as well as with China.  The Dalai Lama said to still interact with China rather than isolate them, but to do it with principles.  Bill Clinton also said to interact with China.  I can help you make your Chinese suppliers perform better.  They see me, they see my passion and excitement about business.  They will match my energy or leave.  I treat your resources with respect even though they may feel threatened since I am there.  I help people bring their A-game.


I am particularly focused on process – my process and bringing my A-game.  You saw Buster Posey. He is making his teammates better.  Before he came and after was night and day.  They now invest more in the team.  I give people a rest when people hire me (in a way, I become enmeshed in the business):  they feel more objectivity, get clearer about what they like and don’t like.  It gives them a break and they come back to the fold in a different way.  Much of this is unconscious.  This is intuitive work.  I often don’t tell the owner what to do unless asked.  Do you see how this is different than working with other consultants or even by yourself?

The growth I have made through the years, along with my client’s growth has given me  unique experiences and knowledge.  New clients benefit from that.  I benefit from new clients as well and the cycle continues.  You might call it cross-learning, cross-benefits, or a cross-pollination sort of thing.  Spiritual ideas influence the way I work: often times, I don’t put it on others but I use it for my own process because it is effective.   Businesses are often stuck and I have been trained 1-year in process therapy.  Other solutions might work- there are lots of ways to fix things.  One idea: you can’t fix a process with another process.  Again, this is often done unconsciously, as mentioned before. 


It reminds me of a mythological story: Beowolf and Grendel.  Grendel was slayed by Beowolf.   He knew he had to go after Grendel’s mother.  Maybe this could be considered the source of the problem.  People gave him a sword and a shield.  When he went down to the bottom of the swamp, the tools were useless.   So when he was down wrestling with Grendel’s mother, he found a sword in her den, and slayed her.  So I say to people these are the tools that I have used successfully in the past, but they may not work with you; however, I will find the tools or help you find the tools that work with you.  He left after slaying Grendel's mother: the sword dissolved.  He won’t be  able to use that sword again.  One has to be knowledgeable and creative enough to know what’s worked, but there is a good chance it won’t work with you, so you will have to find something else; focus on the process rather than the tools.  So this is some of the things I do: process, project management (pm), management consulting, getting excited  about what I am doing, short trainings. 

15 minutes with that 4th Grade Boy:

Things can happen quickly.  They don’t have to take a long time.  I can remember a lot of my work began as a child.  One of the Stanford Graduate School of Business, Michael Ray, taught Creativity in Business; he said people get their inspiration and have a spiritual event when they are young, pre-puberty age.  In the 4thgrade, my future teacher sat with me while I was being benched and challenged me to do better.  I am not sure exactly what she said but the feeling and focus was there.  She had a major impact with me.  I stopped getting in fights and arguing with my teacher. 

I will just close: People often ask me what do I do. And to me , that can be a complement.  One of the quotes told to me: I am still not sure what you did but you working with our business has left me feeling better about our business.  I have helped facilitate a change, even though it wasn't too clear what change took place.  It is often unconscious.  We feel better, but ….  Hence, the tagline, “I help businesses and institutions pull a rabbit out of their hat”.  So, here are your pamphlets.    Do you have any questions about my products or services?


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