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Accept Where You Are At

Posted by admin on January 15, 2013

I think this was recorded earlier about the pain in my neck.  Accepting how flexible I am and I can go this far and see how flexible I am.  This technique comes from Meir Schneider http://self-healing.org/.  (Right now, I am going to try this with my weazey chest that resurfaces during the winter when it gets cold)  Accept it and appreciate that just like appreciating one’s eyesight, however good it is.  I just had a tough Pilates workout earlier today and I am sure my back is a little sore from laying on the couch as well.  Just accepting that’s how far back I can go.  I can go farther and further but again it’s how for my body allows me and accept it.

If I don’t go very far, I don’t go very far.  It’s relative due to my diet, how much exercise I do, what kind of work I do and how much sitting I do during the day.  It is genetic, too.  Accepting that it could be related to my emotions, sensations and thoughts.  It’s related to abundance.  A lot of the work is trying to do it.  Not beating one-self up.  Really, trying to get to that positive place.  Always trying to help the core issue.

(As recorded on Aug 5th, 2011)



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