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Belly Breathing Activity

Posted by admin on January 16, 2013

I just noticed while hitting the Han (wooden board and hammer to commence Meditation) about my breathing.  When I start to continuously hit it, my in-breath is affected by my belling going out.  I’m taking a big breath into my lungs.  So, my belly doesn’t start to expand and then I try to expand my belly, but it is fruitless.  It’s going into my lungs and then I try to do it.  It’s interesting to me.

So, I really have to relax, when doing an activity.  It’s really hard.  When I take a big gulp of air and then try to move my belly, it’s tricky.  The lungs and chest have to relax.  Now, I can see why I am having trouble with deep belly breathing while doing an activity.  (Dr. Joe Parent in Zen Golf recently wrote about how confidence about your activity helps with breathing.)  There doesn’t have to be huge belly breathing, but just normal.  (Note: In Zen-Yoga by PJ Saher, the breathing exercises call for the belly to remain steady: no in and out.  Right above the belly and below the lungs is where I focus.  It takes a while for me to get this going when meditating in the morning, but eventually my mid-section relaxes enough.

(As recorded on August 2nd, 2011)



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