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Dancing in the Booth and on the Road

Posted by admin on January 16, 2013

I’m driving here at San Tomas Expressway and Highway 17 and you have to get over pretty quickly to get into the freeway because there is an on-ramp with cars coming on.  It’s down a hill and hard to see, because coming down the hill is at an angle.  So, anyway, it was like I crossed 3 lanes but actually very quickly.  But, I’m in a hurry and looking in my mirror.  There is a car doing the same thing and I was thinking to myself, “this car driver was probably impatient with me”.  It reminded me of working in the RawDaddyFoods.com booth which I just finished at the Campbell Farmer’s Market.  It’s a dance working in the booth.  For me, when I am in there, when we have a different employee every time, it’s a different dance.  It takes an hour or two to get used to a new employee and see how they move.  (Probably takes a lot longer than that!)  They are getting used to me, too.  They don’t have the skills that I have from a psychology and spiritual point of view, but they might have innate aptitudes that I don’t have.  They vary from young to older, male and female, etc. 

It’s like a dance trying to stay out of each other’s way.  That last situation of me driving from lane to lane with this other driver was similar.  After we were getting on to the straight-away to the freeway, all of a sudden I hear this great roar and it’s a Harley-Davidson in back of that car.  So, it made me think there is always somebody faster.  There is always somebody better looking, stronger, faster, smarter, etc.  Then, a police officer was on the side of the road and that Harley rider very quickly saw the officer and had to slow down or not accelerate anymore.  So, even though you want to go faster, there is a limit.  You can only go so fast.  You can only work so hard.  You can only be so attractive.  There is always somebody better looking.  If you are so good looking or so far away from the crowd or the people you are connected, you lose touch.  The officer is connected somehow: rules and regulations, public safety, etc.  (note: Being too much on the fringe can be challenging.  Two counseling supervisors told me that.  One said it will hurt your chances of getting clients if your ideas are too out there.  Another said couples where one goes too far out with something like self-discovery risk losing touch with their partner.)

(As recorded on August 21st, 2011)



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