Posted by admin on January 16, 2013

Just got my tires fixed in Berkeley/Oakland border.  While I was waiting, I went to a BBQ restaurant, which was really good.  There was a huge amount of beef brisket, which I couldn’t finish so I took some to go.  It came with wheat bread, potato salad and beans.  Also, I had a pastry in the car from the Berkeley Farmers’ Market, which I had traded for.  I started eating that even though I was stuffed.  It wasn’t because I was hungry, but more for the sake of finishing it.  People who overeat (or do anything overboard) maybe do it for this reason, amongst other things. 

(Note: I eat food in the fridge that may go bad or to waste (cookies can last forever).  In the unconventional economics book More Sex is Safer Sex by Steven E. Landsberg, he uses Scrooge’s frugality as not such a bad thing for the economy.  Buying less leaves more around for others and keeps the prices lower.  Other stipulations usually apply to his ideas.  Could this concept be used with food?  What if I left the food and it spoiled and the person who bought it decided not buy as much?  Maybe somebody would have eaten it.  Waht if I told the buyer not to buy th8is type of food anymore?   

It’s like the desire, if you are craving something: pizza, fried food, etc, rather than sitting there being upset or worrying about the cravings, and whether you should eat it or not, just eat it!  Or, Just don’t eat it!  But don’t sit there and vascilate.  Vacilating is ok.  I’ve done it quite a bit.  Another option, however, is eat or not eat.  Don’t fret either way.

The other thing is there are other factors at work when you are eating.  Eating is comforting so even if you don’t want to eat something, but you eat it for some other reason, do it.  Or, not.  Don’t fret (can you tell I love that word?)  I am not hungry, so maybe I just want to finish it just to do it!  (Note:  it reminds me of one time seeing if Could finish a ½ quart of ice cream.  I did.  Ironically, I gave up sugar soon after that for quite some time with good results after reading Potatoes Not Prozac by _______________.) 

Maybe this will help over eaters.  (It reminds me of mindful eating, and how eating while watching TV or reading the newspaper is another animal.  Eating itself is hard to start.  Feelings of boredom come up, amongst other things.  The food is good but it will be better if the TV is on. The result is we don’t often taste our food.  Since we eat 2 or 3 times a day, it can get a bit monotonous.  Steve Hagen in his book Buddhism Plain and Simple ( talks about how people use drugs to change how they feel, but end of numbing themselves out.  Can you see how this compares to that?  I don’t know about you but I look forward to my meals, then I miss out and before I know it, the meal is over. 

(As recorded on August 27, 2011)




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