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Getting Bigger than the Problem – Personal and in the Movies

Posted by admin on January 15, 2013

One of the things I learned at PTI (Processes.org) training was to get bigger than the problem and, you know, while working with the client; some ways, I think about it as throwing a handful of spaghetti against the Fridge, hoping some of it sticks.  In doing business, throwing a lot of things up in the air and hoping one will work.  I have done that in recent memory.  Another way to look at it is if you have confidence issues, do lots of things to increase your confidence – to get bigger than the confidence conundrum.  One mantra is cognitive behavioral theory – pivoting (sitting in the emotions than pivoting out of them) into positive, abundant ones.  One might say just try one thing to see if it works or just try to change one habit at a time.  That can work, too.  But ultimately, we might never know exactly what causes us to change or know what helps or not. 

Well, when I watched that American Cinema course on the history of romantic comedies dating back to their origin in the 1930’s: http://instruct.westvalley.edu/callner/cinematv.html, in some ways, it’s the same concept.  What they do is they continue to create situations for the protagonists (male and female character) to meet and are seen by us as good couple material.  They keep creating scenarios (unlikely, romantic and funny) in nature.  Eventually, there is tension there, including sexual tension.  The audience wants them to get together, partly to alleviate the tension, for goodness sakes.  Doesn’t this remind you of today’s ad to buy a car?  For the antagonist, they create scenarios negative and also highly unlikely in nature.  They pour it on.  In a sense, it is make believe.  But maybe, we kind of learn something from the movie.  In real life, law of attraction encourages staying positive.  It’s so much stronger than negative energy.  I was just reading the Betty Book by en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stewart_Edward_White and it talked about how there is so much stuff around us, and it’s all a matter of tension.  When we are attending to something, then the energy solidifies. 

(As recorded on August 3rd, 2011)



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