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Meditation – What about boredom?

Posted by admin on January 17, 2013

I’m meditating here and the feeling I am getting is boredom.  It seems when meditation is going well, I just noticed the thought was “things are going well”.  “I’m following my breath and able to count for 10 straight”.  One of the feelings I get is the feeling of confidence.  When I have that thought, “It’s going well”, all of a sudden  “boredom” comes up.  I’ve heard boredom is related to anger.  I’ve also heard when you get the feeling “I’ve got it”, it’s time to stop.  Then meditate later and do it ‘til you get it and stop.  (Note:  It is training the brain to “get it”, it seems.)

(As recorded on Aug 8, 2011)



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