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Mind Heart and Guilt

Posted by admin on January 18, 2013

The concept of the court room being a good analogy for the difference between Mind and Heart and the mind being the defense and prosecuting attorneys (going back and forth and researching) and debating.  The heart is the judge.  (Not sure where I saw this used)  It is making decisions of right and wrong – the ultimate decision.  The guiltless process, meaning the mind is deciding whether to do things and thus is no guilt about any actions.  What’s interesting is when I go through the process of something that I’m doing or have done, it’s getting more to the point.  I am living in the mind.  It’s almost like a daily decision, which is coming quicker and quicker.  When I pose a question to my heart, which is: “Are you with me or against me in the pursuit of my goals” (short and especially long-term goals), guilt doesn’t play a part in it.  I just don’t feel it.  It’s very clear about being with me or against me.  So that’s nice – I like that.  Sometimes I am doing certain actions that might be ok but certain actions that aren’t ok with me.  I can make a decision whether to continue or not.  It just feels guilt-free in that instance. 

Then, when I’m in mind-body, I am guilt free there, too.  But again, the “doing” part is a quicker process: deciding whether to do it.  The after effects are where one can feel guilt (reverberations).  Again, when I go through the process, maybe it’s better to focus on asking “Are you with me or against me”?  Certain parts might be ok and vice versa.  So, I can make my decision, but I’m not hampered or weighed-down by guilt.  It’s much more open for the heart when I am doing “With me or against me”.  (Note: Now, if I can remember!)

(As recorded on Aug 29th, 2011)



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