Posted by admin on January 19, 2013

I was just commenting on Eating in a blog and how we get our needs met through eating, including comfort and nourishment.  I think the same thing goes for Sex.  We have lots of different needs that are getting met, so when we’re engaging in sex, there is urges and desires, sense of accomplishment, creativity, etc.  There are all these things that we are doing and people might be feeling guilty after they do it.  However, there might be some drives going on, including those unconscious in nature.  So, it might be important and good to know this so you don’t beat yourself up over it.  (Note: It’s important to no beat yourself up, regardless of what you do since it’s counter-productive, amongst other things.)  As long as you aren’t hurting yourself or others, there is a fine-line between ok and not ok.  Pushing the boundaries.  So just like in eating, there might be a drive that we just don’t realize.  So be kind to yourself.  Don’t beat yourself.  Remind yourself of this.  It might make sense to look for this.  One of my supervisors told me one time he would have been happy if one of his male clients had solicited a prostitute, since his client was so passive and repressed.  Do something.  The point isn’t whether to do it or not do it.  Also, this isn’t advocating doing it necessarily. 

Just do it.  Get a sense of accomplishment.  Complete Something.  Take a chance.  Certain things may not be met at that time, but others might.  Sexual drive might not be the most relevant urge at that time.  Maybe it’s sense of accomplishment and finishing something.  Urge and desire to take care of it in that moment.

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